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A Social media heart check

I'm one of those people that still craves the simplicity of a life without social media even though I can't really remember what life without trying to share every aspect of my life in real time is like. Doing freelance social media work doesn't even help matters because I have to spend 70% of my time on there. In 2016, I took a social media fast that somehow I've still not gotten back from till now and I really don't want to get back from but I have to because I have to GO! (Matthew 28:19) and my life is no longer mine (2 cor 5:15)

To be very honest, social media is exhausting! Lets not even kid ourselves. It's all about validation and trying to get noticed these days. Whether you're trying to build a brand or selling a product or service, you just want people to notice and give you a thumbs up and even buy. But lets put our businesses aside. As a Christian, what does your social media say about you?

There's a reason why this post is called a heart check?
Seriously now do you search your heart before you put up a post on social media. Do you ask yourself if your post is really necessary or if it brings glory to the one you live for? 

Social media is the fastest way to enliven our carnal nature. In one scroll , you'll find yourself lusting, coveting, envying, gossiping, getting jealous and what not; so as much as social media does a lot of good, it doesn't outweigh the bad. So if you must be on social media as a christian, make sure you're using it for what truly counts or at least search your heart clearly to be sure you are in line 

As Christian's we've been called to consciously live right by the help of the Holy Spirit. 

So anytime you pick up your phone to look through social media, use these questions to keep your heart in check. 

"Is this really the best use of my time?Is there anyway I can make this time count for Christ? This is a very important heart check question for those of us that have the habit of picking up our phones first thing in the morning to reply WhatsApp messages or scroll through instagram. You haven't prayed or read your Bible but you're on top of social media news; is that really the best use of your time?

Ask yourself...

Am I walking by the spirit? or fulfilling the lust of the flesh. Like I said earlier in the post, if you are looking for the fastest way to soak in carnality (which I'm sure you're not lol) scroll through your social media feed. So even if you must be on social media, you must beware of participating. Check your heart, does social media breed envy and jealousy for you? Are you less impeccable with your words when you scroll through your feed? Does it make you covet a certain lifestyle?

Ask yourself...

Is my page leading people away from Christ. Don't be an irresponsible Christian, as a christian, the goal is to be true NOT popular so don't be careless. You should be responsible for the growth of others; you should be an example. Read more in this post HERE

Ask yourself...

Am I seeking validation? So it goes two ways; God has told you to do something or you know your social page is a very good medium to share your faith but you don't because you feel you might lose some followers.

Or the posts where you share your faith gets less likes and comments than the ones where you just do your thing so you stop posting about your faith all together.

Let me ask you this: Who are you really living for?

You don't have to wait till you get a thumbs up from a friend or follower before you know you're doing the right thing. Let people look at your social media page and know what you stand for! And I’m not talking, posting a photo then posting a bible verse as caption for “eye service” I’m talking using your social media to preach Christ! Because this is what you’ve been called to as a Christian (Matthew 28:19-20) You’ve been called to go into ALL nations. Well Guess what?! Social media has made it 1000x easier. You can preach Christ to someone in Kazakhstan from your bed!

Make your social media page count for something.

Lastly, especially if you already preach Christ on your social media, check your heart and ask yourself...

Am I blinding people or am I showing the way? 
Are you bragging or are you leading? Are you only sharing so people can see you as the "perfect" Christian lady or guy? Gospel aside (not really) are you doing certain things so you can get bragging rights on social? Through your posts, do people see you or christ?

Take time out today to search your heart today and allow the Holy Spirit lead you and help you discern when to step back and realign your thoughts with his.

Love and Light

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