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Do you truly know who Jesus is?

Firstly, you need to know that Jesus is God -this is a no brainer- if you read John 1:1 Isaiah 58.. you'll conform this beyond reasonable doubt. so in this post, I'll be using Jesus and God interchangeably

So do you truly know who your God is?

I was really amazed when my pastor explained the real reason why Jonah ran away from God and ended up in the belly of the fish

Contrary to popular belief and what we leaned in Sunday School that Jonah was afraid to preach so he ran, 

I'll give you a quick low down of the original story. Please read Jonah 4 to see for yourself
So you see, Jonah ran away from God because he didn't trust God to destroy the people of Nineveh. God had told him to go and preach to them if not he'll destroy them and Jonah said he couldn't go because the people deserved destruction and he knew how merciful God is. He knew God wasn't going to kill them. 

You see so many of us are like this and this used to be me as well 

When we reach a certain level of our faith and walk with God, we see ourselves as waay better than people who just got to know about Christ yesterday or people still finding their way. I used to call it being Jealous for God- like i was trying to protect my dad from people that keep hurting him over and over again- so in my mind I'll go ahead and give people that I thought didn't deserve God's love "the look." I'll literally scroll past an instagram post of someone i think doesn't deserve to share a scripture and click the heart button when I see someone I feel is in a position to.

I'm just going to pause right here and say God has worked on my heart a lot this past year and I'm still a work in progress. It's amazing how the Holy Spirit works and you need to constantly ask him to give you the strength to be receptive and responsive to correction and conviction. When the Holy Spirit shows you the terrible place your heart is at, you don't need to feel bad, just ask him how to fix it.

So you see Jonah felt like those people deserved death because they had hurt God so much

Same way you'll think Jesus should have thrown the woman at the well into that same well because of all her sins. I mean 5 husbands and boyfriend later; she had absolutely no right! 

Same way you think that prostitute (runs girl for better understanding lol ) that still comes to church on sunday morning doesn't deserve to be there 

Our God is soo gracious! He looks beyond the physical and looks on the heart. He is so GRACIOUS! and to be honest its incomprehensible but we just need to accept him for who he is 


No matter how righteous or spiritual you think you are, it's not your place to interfere in God's relationship with his children.

If you're in thee positin of Jonah or Ananias  if you have the opportunity to preach to the lost, don't condemn them in your heart before you even do. You need to be open minded and trust God to make something good out of it.

If you're in the shoes of the good son, when you see the "worst sinner" in church on sunday, you greet them warmly with open arms because you know that heaven is also rejoicing over them 

Like Jesus, when you meet the promiscuous woman at the well, you don't play holier than thou, you talk to her and show he

Like Jesus when you meet the adulterous woman, you don't give the side eye and unlook, you

Like Jesus! When you have the opportunity to reach out to prisoners or the lost generally, you tell them Yes! you'll definitely be with God, just believe as opposed to condemning them.

He has called us to Go and teach all nations and fill them with the Holy Spirit. . He didn't ask us to be the Holy Spirit.

I'm just going to end with the quote that says he loves the theologian as much as he loves the terrorist! So powerful and I think that summarizes all I've been trying to say

Your God LOVES REGARDLESS so you have no choice but to LOVE REGARDLESS. 

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