here for one reason;

To point you to your purpose and living for who and what truly counts.

-Love, Kunmi.


My reality of Heaven

I don't have to work to be free 
I work because I'm free
and even if I don't work, I'm loved regardless
So why won't I work?

If I'm from the UK and I come to Nigeria, I can't act exactly like a Nigerian no matter how much I try to fit in. My accent won't change to a Nigerian's. I might try but deep down, I know its not the real me so I'm won't be really comfortable. I'd just want to get back to my country asap. Home is where the heart is right?

When it's time to go back to my country, I don't have to beg, I don't have to prove to the embassy that I'm a citizen. I have my red passport and I just go back when it's time and I have my plane ticket. 

While I'm in Nigeria, I can't really fit in to the Nigerian culture so well, and If I do, it's okay for people to think I'm a fraud.

Same way I don't struggle to be who God has made me to be. I have my salvation ticket and I'm ready to pick up and go whenever he's ready to have me but whileI'm here, I live FOR the one who died for me and rose again. Christ is seated at the right hand of God permanently and I am seated with him permanently. I can never be afraid of missing heaven because I'm from heaven.  

Praise Jesus!

Read this from your point of view and renew your mind with this reality every day. 

Love & Light. 

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