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Book Review : One thing you can't do in heaven.

But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them! -Romans 10:14

If salvation got to you by someones hard work and study, I think its only right that you take the mission of reaching people for Christ as the business of your life. It is our responsibility as christians and not just for our pastors or a select group. 

Trust me I didn’t always have this conviction. I used to convince myself that I was shy and reserved and it was okay to just go to church and write a faith blog which of course some people will read, but I never took personal evangelism seriously until I read this book. I didn’t put it down till I was done and I went out evangelising the very next morning and I’ve not stopped since then. 

This is one book that will change your life and help you focus on what truly counts. When you get to heaven, God is not going to ask you about your career or life ambitions, he's going to be more concerned about how you lived here on earth and if you fed his sheep. It will matter whether you shared the most precious thing you have with everyone you could. This book will challenge you that you have the only answer for eternity. And it will help you share that answer using very practical, biblical techniques for reaching the lost -Mark Cahill.

Evangelism is for this world. Nobody is going to need it in heaven so maximize your time here doing the only thing you can't do in heaven! PREACH!

10 vital lessons I  learned 
-Getting rejected while sharing your faith is not a loss. Everytime you share your faith is a winning situation. Your duty is just to tell, let the Holy Spirit do the convicting. The major reason people are afraid to evangelise is because you’re afraid of what people will think of you; Mark Cahill has one response for that; Let God love you past yourself. The mission is beyond you. Planting the seed is okay, let the Holy Spirit water it. 

-You can’t witness by your actions alone. That’s why Jesus said to go into the world to teach all nations not go into the world to show them your behavior. 

-If you don’t share your faith, it can be assumed that you really don’t want others to go to heaven 

-Make sure you share Jesus only after people realize their need for him; after they realize that on their own they can’t be saved and it will only take the operation of God to save them. 

-Don’t feel pressured to have all the answers. We plant the seed, the spirit doesn’t the work. Its only an opportunity to grow our faith and reach out more. 

-Never end a conversation about Jesus on a bad note. Your message is l love, always preach love and Grace. 

-If they ask, how sure are you about this Jesus, ask them how sure are you he’s not? This is also a way to initiate a conversation. 

-Stop borrowing God’s time to do other things. Change your desires. Knowing where your treasure is will tell where your heart is. Out too the abundance of your heart your mouth will speak. If you’re a christian and your mouth has never spoken of your faith, so what exactly is in your heart. 

-To be a better evangelist, you need to fall more in love with Jesus. Let this love burn so machine your heart that you just can’t wait to tells someone about it every second. 

-You don’t get anything special for preaching the gospel to people. It is your duty as a christian. It doesn’t make you any better than others. But if you’d on’t its very easy to doubt your love for God and you’ll be on the outs. 

-If you’re not “fishing”, its safe to sat you’re not following. One thing you can be sure of when you follow Jesus is that you’ll get the desire to fish for men. 

- A tragedy is knowing someone will be dying and going to hell for eternity and not caring enough to do anything about it. 

-Leaders follow their mission and turn their backs to the crowd no matter what the crowd thinks. 

My top 3 quotes from the Book. 

“Just like the moon reflects the light of the Sun, I will reflect the light of the SON.

"Make sure you live life so holy for the Lord and so bold reaching out to the lost that this world will never be worthy of you”

"Go until he returns
Give until I drop
Preach until all know 
Work until he comes"

"A Christian is either a missionary or an impostor" - Charles Spurgeon. 

Different ways to spark the Conversation. 
-First talk to them about normal things like work and family and other random things then get down to your mission take a cue from Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.

-Get them to think about eternity; say something like “If you die today, are you 100% sure of going to heaven? 

-Ask them, What do you believe about Easter or Christmas?

-Ask them, do you have any questions about the Bible?
-Ask, what is going on spiritually in your life?
-Ask, Do you want to go to heaven? Their answer will definitely be yes so ask them do you want to know how to get there? 
-Is heaven or earth real? 

In summary, this is your Message 
No matter the direction your conversation takes, you have only one message to share and that’s the message of love. 

First you must make them see God as love. You must point them to the Grace of God. You must make them understand that they are saved by Grace alone and God will let them into heaven because he has reconciled them to himself and is no longer inputting their sins against them not because they try to live right to please him. 

Tell them there’s no need to obey a set of rules and regulations that obviously can’t be kept because of their human nature and the set of rules they most often try to obey is supposed to show us that on our own we can’t do anything. It’s supposed to convict and convert our souls and bring us to christ that will justify us by faith. It helps you see your personal guilt in front of a holy God so you can now have a desire for whatever can save you from yourself; Jesus and his blood. 

Tell them you have the best gift for them! The Gift of Grace that they didn't earn but was given to them freely. Invite them to live a full life, full in the fullness of God.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, leave a comment if you have any suggestions or questions and send me an email ( if you'll like an e-copy! 

Other recommended books: Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon

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