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Practical Steps to sharing your faith in 2018


In 2017, after reading "One thing you can't do in heaven" By Mark Cahill I became intentional about sharing my faith and making my days count for the gospel. I set a reminder on my phone to let me know that I had to make each day count. I would go out early on Saturday mornings and take walks so I can talk to people, I would leave my car and take Uber cabs so I can reach out to the drivers. I'll spark conversations with random strangers everywhere just because. I didn't talk to as many people as I wanted to but I'm very happy I did some and my walk with God became better for it.

This is part one of a two part post that I'll be sharing to help you share your faith more this year.
As it should be with taking any major decision, step or action in life, learning from the Bible should come first before personal experiences.

Who better to learn from than the guys who first went out on the instruction of Jesus to share all they had learned-the 11 men that made sure the gospel has reached you today-that's why I took time out to do a study on the book of Acts and I'll be sharing everything I learned in today's post,

In today's post I'll be sharing lessons I learned from Jesus's disciples on how they went about evangelizing in the book of acts. In my next post, I will be sharing practical lessons from my personal experiences.

You're going to have to bring out your Bible for this one. I didn't write out the actual verses here so the post won't be extra long.

Acts 1

-They agreed that they were in this for Good. The zeal of the Lord consumed them and they didn't suppress it. This should be your attitude as a believer. Sharing your faith is not an option, it is the business of your life.

As a Christian, you're either a missionary or an impostor - Charles Spurgeon

- They prayed together, then they made decisions. Pray first  then GO out!

Acts 2

-Fellowship is so important, You need to constantly meet up with friends and just study the word together and pray. It helps you increase your knowledge and evangelize better.

-Sharing your faith is not essentially about you or what you say. It is the conviction in their heart that signifies baptism. Once they accept the message, they are baptized in the Holy Spirit. So shift your focus from how you'll approach them and focus on the work the Holy Spirit is about to do through you. (Matthew 10:19-20)

-Living in harmony- meeting needs- love among the believers is a way of preaching the gospel.

Acts 3
-Always be ready to meet spiritual needs first! Always be ready to preach christ first. Material needs should be an incentive or a vehicle to actually accept the former first. Don't tell people to come to Christ to have their material needs met. Tell them to come to him so they can be saved by Grace through faith and so they'll have eternal life. Their material needs can be met if they work hard enough; there are non-christians that work hard and are very successful. The main reason they should come to the knowledge of Christ is for the salvation of their Souls.

Acts 4
-Always have fearless confidence especially when its about the gospel. (always ask God for it) and know that all you need to do is just start talking. Like a friend once told me, if you've been studying your Bible hard enough, If you've been praying long enough, the Holy Spirit will always bring to your remembrance all the deposits that you've stored up.

-The answer to EVERY situation is prayer; The good; prayer. The bad; prayer.

-Again, fellowship with people of like minds is very important. Going out alone at first can be quite daunting, team up with fellow believers, pray together and go out together. It's less scary that way.

Acts 8
You should be ready to leave your comfort zone for the gospel. Wherever you are preach the message about Jesus.

Approach: Ask them if they have any questions about the Bible or God just like Philip asked the Ethopian Eunuch. This is a way to spark a conversation with someone about their faith.

-Let them know that he loves the Jew as much as love as he loves the gentile. He loves them regardless.

Acts 13 
-This is your message: It's on the account of the resurrected christ that the forgiveness of your sins are guaranteed. (Nothing else) not on your works or your actions.

-The grace message is what converted people. Nothing else.

-Don't crush people down with rules. Tell them they are saved out of sheer generosity of God. ( let them know that the wages of sin is death at the same time overemphasize that the GIFT of God is eternal life in Christ) They might be undeserving and unqualified, but God loves them regardless.

Acts 14
-Anyone signing up for the Kingdom of God has to go through "hard times."Be prepared to be rejected and Isolated but know one thing, in these times, don't get overwhelmed by your feelings. The most important things is that you GO. It's always a win win situation. If they reject you, you win. If they accept, you still win. 

-Approach: Instead of telling them to obey the law, tell them to do as common sense demands then tell them to remember that they have the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Acts 18
-You must always first tell people that Jesus is God's messiah. He's the only way to heaven. God chose to accept his death as payment for all our sins so we can have eternal life. 

Acts 20
-Be ready to leave everything you've ever known for the gospel. Be ready to go anywhere the spirit leads even when you know it won't be a walk in the park. 
-Don't worry about what people will do to you; be more concerned about what Jesus will do through your obedience. Leave what God asked you to do in HIS hands. 

Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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